Wednesday, November 30, 2016

How to become an International Student at MiraCosta College? by Amandine

This is a simple and detailed way to understand how you can go from your country to a MiraCosta classroom.

STEP1: Mail the International Student Application and the support documents listed here.
Mail them at the following adress:
MiraCosta College
IIP, #12A1 Barnard DriveOceanside, CA 92056
United States

STEP2: MiraCosta receive your mail and process it.  MiraCosta mail you back a official approval letter and the I-20 (needed for the visa)

STEP3: You apply to the US embassy of your country for a U.S. student visa.

STEP4: You arrive in the U.S. and you come to MiraCosta College

STEP5: You take English and Math assessment test. You will also meet the academic counselor.

STEP6: You will be able to register for classes.

STEP7: You attempt to class.

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