Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Applying to MiraCosta is easy! By Amandine

Hi everyone!

I know that the US system is really different from our home countries.
This is a slide that I realized, I hope it will make it simplier for you to understand the steps.

If you have any question, feel free to let a comment below or to send an email here.

ONCE YOU SEND EVERYTHING TO MIRACOSTA, you will receive a package including your I-20. You are good to go for your interview at the embassy and get your visa!

Monday, April 18, 2016

How do I choose my major? by Amandine

Hello everyone!

When I decided I wanted to study at MiraCosta, I knew I would be studying Graphic Design.  Since I was little, I always liked to draw, to go museums and art shows. Then one day I started drawing on my computer with Photoshop and it became a passion! I decided I wanted it to be my dream job.

To start applying college and  be a student in the U.S you have to choose a major.

What is a major?
A major is a discipline that you study as a focus area.  It becomes the name on your college degree.  The United States has a lot of different majors!  You can have a major like Chemistry, Computer Science, Math, Dance, Business, History, Art, or Recording Arts.  Check HERE all the major available at MiraCosta.

How do I choose my major?
Choose a discipline that you like, something that you are interested in. It could be a passion, a a topic related to a dream job.

If you are not sure of your major, no panic! You can change your major at anytime!  At MiraCosta, you can meet with professional career counselors and academic counselors to help you choose your major.   The Career Center as many resources to explore the perfect major for you.